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Ok, I got it


Hey,I`m Ally.And WELCOME to my design site called MYBEAUTIFULDESIGNS.You can order signatures,icons and banners for your site.ENJOY !


About Me

Nickname : Ally
Born : 29.09.1994
From : Romania,Galati
Current Age : 15
Years of practice : Almost 2 years in Photoshop CS2
Hobbies : Music,Photoshop.
Faves : Twilight,Lady Gaga,WWE.

Link Me


CONTACT ME on my email if you want : alinutza_blondina_94@yahoo.com


1.Megz / www.divas-daily.piczo.com -> #3
2.Roxy / http://beautiful-sky.tk -> #6
3.Ellie / http://natalieneidhartweb.com/ -> #6
4.Lory / www.m-kanellis.tk -> #6
5.Ashley / http://mariakdaily.fanstar.org
6.Ellie / http://natalieneidhartweb.com/ -> #4

Order form

1.Name :
2.Site :
3.Package number :
4.Pics(please provide me HQ pics) :
5.Password(you will find this in the rules page) :
6.Size :
7.Anything else :

Complete this on my email.

Coded Layout

Featuring Kristen Stewart
Credit to Granpy for making and coding this layout.

2955 hits

Hello my lovely site!!!

Posted on (Friday, June 18,2010)

OMG ! I feel so happyyyyyyyy.School is over and now I can open my design site.YEAH RIGHT ! ORDERS ARE OPENED ! You can send me an email with your order.But ,I do JUST SIGNATURES & avatars atm,because I think I am not that good on layouts.I`m gonna practise,promise.Okay,thats all.


New layout

Posted on (April 03,2010)

Look,I made a new layout with Kristen Stewart.I hope you all like it.Thats the layout you all voted.I think I will open the orders.This week. Cuz this week i`m in holiday.So start ordering. :D


Bye for now!

Posted on (February 05,2010)

I have done the orders,and I closed them.Because over 2 days the school starts and I will not have time for any of your orders.Sad,I know.But when I have some any free time I will open the orders,promise.



More news !

Posted on (January 30,2010)

Hiiiii ! I made a lot of changes in my site.First,the order form.Please read the rules before you order.There you will find the password you need,and then the page What I do ? to see what you can order from me.If your order isnt complete,I will not make your order.Please there are only a few rules.You can respect them,right ?

Okay,second,glad you liked my surprise for the blend competition !

I will work right now at those 3 orders that I have.You guys will have your orders tonight,promise ! Then I will take a break just one day,and then the orders will be opened again.

Surprise !

Posted on (January 29,2010)

Hey guys,how you are doing ? I wanted to tell you that most of my orders are done,and I work hard to make them awesome.Tell me if its something wrong.Okay,but my little surprise is for those who joined my blend competition.Because it was my first blend comp,I will give to all participants 10 textures and some psds I use the most as a prize.So if you want your prize,please leave your email in my cbox.Thanks for joining. (:


IMPORTANT NOTE : Guys,please check in my updates for the password.Most of you never complete the password.Its a password that I gave it to you.Okay ? Next time I will not make your order.

Orders open !

Posted on (January 27,2010)

So,I apologize cuz i didnt have time for orders.Now,the orders are open.So feel free to order.I will give you the new password : badromance; .

NOTE : I made a new layout for my site.LOVE OR HATE IT ? I wait your comments. (:

Finally 2010 ! !

Posted on (Friday,January 01,2010)

This is dedicated to you guys.I wish you the best for this year.Happy New Year !

And here it`s the new password : lollipop.

Twitter !

Posted on (Thursday,December 31,2009)

Follow me on the twitter if you have an account & I`ll follow you back.

Thanks !

Posted on (Wednesday,December 30,2009)

Yay,THANK YOU all so much.SO many commentaries about my site.I`ve recieved 3 orders.This makes me so happy. <3 NOTE : I`ve done with my first 3 orders.So you can order if you like to.And you 3 guys,I really hope you like them.I tried my best for you. <3

And I wait for affies,tell me if you want.

Welcome and ... ORDER !

Posted on (Tuesday,December 29,2009)

So,this is my design site called MYBEAUTIFULDESIGNS.I`m Ally from Romania and I`m 15 years old.Hope you order.The orders are opened.

The password is winter time. Watch out cuz I`ll will change it. <3